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Latin 6 Balls tee
  • Latin 6 Balls tee

    We really dig these circular flags at Safari Brand. They're like little cookies, of your country. No, you can't eat them, but you can surely toss them on your body. Metallic Purple logos on this piece make it special.

    You can customize this shirt to have your own flags.
    Please fill out the form with what flag you want, & what flag you want replaced. And please include your t-shirt size.

    For example: "I want a size Medium. Please replace Brasil with Jamaica." Or if you don't want to change the flags: "I want a size Medium. No change".
    • Details

      -100% Cotton
      -Hand-painted design
      -The paint is Permanent, Washable, Flexible, Soft, 3-D
      -Logo on back of left shoulder
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