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Info on Products
First off, being that our shirts are hand-painted , please expect some slight differences of the shirt you will be receiving &
the shirts pictured. Most differences are not visible , unless you REALLY look for them . Anyways, the whole purpose of buying our products is to stand out from the rest.


Product Care
The handpainted items are all WASHABLE. The paint is PERMANENT , otherwise we'd be broke. Care
instructions are on all the products .Here is a review:
-Turn shirt inside-out
-Machine wash with cold water
-Hang to dry
*You can also iron the shirts gently . Turned inside-out , slowly press the iron around the painted area .
Please be careful while doing this , as the paint might stick if you leave the iron on there for too long . No
harm will be done to the design if you know what you're doing . Just don't get too crazy with the iron..
When folding shirts, DO NOT LET PAINT TOUCH PAINT ! The designs are all 3-Dimensional & Shiny , giving
them a plastic like texture . The paint will stick when it has been laying for a long period of time while touching
another painted surface of the shirt or other shirts. Please be sure to fold the shirts so that none of the
painted surfaces are touching each other.


Shipping Info
Most of our shirts are made to order . They tend to ship out approximately 2-3 business days after payment
has cleared .
-Domestic orders (U.S.) are shipped using U.S. Priority Mail , which takes approximately 2-3 business days
to receive. So , you should expect the package within 5-7 business days after you have made your payment .
* Please allow 2 or 3 days for delays during Holidays & Post Office Mess-ups !


U.S. Shipping Costs for T-shirts:
1 item - $5
2 items - FREE
3 items - FREE
4 items - FREE
5-8 items - FREE!


Express Shipping (domestic only):
1 to 2 items - $22
3 items & up - $50


International Shipping Costs for T-shirts:

1 item - $15
2 items - $15
3 items - $40
5-8 items - FREE!


Please note, shipment on Men's hoodies are priced differently due to the fact that they only fit into bigger
packages than t-shirts.
International Shipping costs for Men's Hoodies:
1 hoodie - $25
2 hoodies - $45

*International orders are shipped using Global Priority Mail . The post office promises the packages to be
delivered within 7-10 business after it has been shipped.


Return Policy
We do offer returns & exchanges. Here are the terms:
-Must not be washed, worn-out, or damaged
-Returned within 12 days of purchase
-Buyer must pay for shipping
-Payment will be returned once the item has been shipped back to us in it's original condition
-Must not be washed, worn-out, or damaged
-Returned within 14 days of purchase
-Buyer must pay for shipping both ways
-Can be exchanged for a different size, or another design of equal value (otherwise buyer pays difference)


More questions or concerns?
Phone: (818) 606-5450
Thank you for shopping with us!

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